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Pochampally Ikkat Saree

Compared to the Ikkat sarees designs, the designs in Telia Rumaal often are sharper and larger in the intricate. From the same area Pochampally that is double Ikkats are relatively more popular. These Ikkats are mostly preferable though it is relatively blurrier and highly prized. Cotton sarees, silk sarees and the fabrics of silk-cotton Pochampally Ikkat have much sought after. In making usually they take a lot of time just because both weft and warp yarns are tied and dyed.

Puttapaka sarees from Telangana

In the Nalgonda district the technique of the tie and dye are used generally to create a special type of Ikkat. Now in Telangana which is primarily named as Puttapaka is the basis of these beautiful sarees. This is actually a single Ikkat. This type of sarees is generally done on the warp yarn of the fabric that is the longitudinal lengths of the yarn. Under the popular name of Pochampallis these sarees are mostly sold. But these two are totally different from each other. In this Ikkat the designs are simple whereas the symmetry is remarkable.

Ikkat from Odisha (Sambalpuri Ikat)

In India there are some other types of warp Ikkat patterns available which is primarily made in Orissa. In Odissa this form of Ikkat dress materials is woven in Bargarh, Sambalpur, Boudh, and Sonepur areas. It is also known as bandha in Orissa. Usually the yarns that are used are fine and there are curvilinear patterns and animal motifs are used. The tie-dyed yarns in this form are at first are arranged in a design in the loom. Then the solid colors of weft yarns are put in.

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Ikkat weaves in India

You should know that what the reason behind the popularity of India Ikkat is globally. The developed techniques and experience of the master weavers are the reason of the increasing demand. In India the special thing of Ikkat pattu sarees weaving is that each and every region evolved its own weaving and dyeing of the yarns.

About Ikkat  Sarees

Ikkat silk sarees is always popular for their distinct and different style and unparalleled beauty. If you ever use one, you will surely buy another price and recommend others to have at least one in their wardrobe.

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